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Project Details

Detailed description of project objectives and summary

The project’s objective is to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s capacity and capability to convert waste to energy whilst promoting UK prosperity. This includes driving the uptake of UK-based waste to energy technologies in KSA, the co-creation of CPD and TNE opportunities, attracting inward investment and creating opportunities for UK companies in KSA’s waste to energy sector. The creation of a “Waste2Energy” cluster and digital networking platform will ensure the project’s sustainability and impactful collaboration.

This project supports the ambitions and strategic goals of KSA Vision 2030, the Saudi Green initiative, and NEOM. Waste management is a top priority for KSA, where more than 106 million tons of waste is expected to be treated by 2035. KSA currently produces approximately 53 mtpa which leads to $1.3 billion loss in environmental degradation. Despite the concrete commitments from the government, the conversion of waste into energy and useful bioproducts has not taken off yet. The presence of UK businesses in waste to energy and alternative fuels market in KSA is currently non-existent. This project aims to leverage UK expertise in waste to energy by providing UK technology providers access to the KSA market through engagement with key KSA stakeholders. Academic partners will explore and co-develop CPD and translation education (TNE) opportunities between partners academic institutions from UK and KSA. To ensure effective engagement and sustain project benefits beyond 2025, an online platform (cluster) will be developed during the project.

Driving Sustainable Solutions

Collaboration with the Saudi Green Initiative

The project is aligned with the Saudi Green Initiative which aims to divert 94% of waste generated in Riyadh away from landfills, and compost more than 1.3 million tons of biodegradable waste to reduce 4.1 Mtpa of CO2 emissions and create a proven waste management model to be rolled out across KSA. The project will assist UK businesses which have waste to energy solutions/technologies at TRL7 or above to develop and pitch their solutions in KSA and meet with relevant stakeholders to explore commercialisation and market opportunities for their technologies. This project will provide an excellent platform to attract inward investment for novel waste to fuel technologies in the UK. 

Saudi Green Initiative

Partnering to divert waste from landfills and reduce CO2 emissions.

Support for UK Businesses

Assisting UK companies to develop and commercialize waste-to-energy technologies.

Platform for Innovation

Providing a platform to showcase novel waste-to-fuel technologies in the UK.

Attracting Investment

Opportunity to attract inward investment for sustainable technologies in the UK.

Discover our progress

Milestones and achievements

Discover our journey of progress, innovation, and impactful milestones.

  • bilateral visits

    Host bilateral visits of stakeholders from UK to KSA and KSA to UK for partnership building and engagement

  • quarterly stakeholder meetings

    Host quarterly stakeholder meetings / networking events to identify high-potential waste to energy thematic areas for research and innovation

  • UK KSA Waste2Energy Cluster

    “UK KSA Waste2Energy Cluster” promotional material available and deployed amongst potential stakeholders to promote the project

  • portfolio of research and innovation cases

    Develop portfolio of research and innovation cases as a basis for market engagement for investment. This will be updated in the second year of the project

  • High-level report

    High-level report on UK-KSA “waste to energy” research and industry interactions, identifying metrics for investment in research and innovation in waste to energy technologies in UK

  • Workshop and Event

    Plastic recycling workshop and engagement event, municipal waste to energy workshop

  • Technological demonstration

    Technological demonstration by UK businesses in KSA - plastic recycling and municipal waste to energy

  • Bilateral visits

    Bilateral visits of stakeholders – KSA to UK and UK to KSA 

  • Preliminary draft

    Preliminary draft of TNE opportunities in the waste to energy sector in KSA 

  • local networking of stakeholders

    Waste to energy local networking of stakeholders - hybrid event (Quarterly)

  • Stakeholder consensus

    Stakeholder consensus on the design and operation of the “Waste2Energy” cluster 

  • Guidelines and policy documents

    Guidelines and policy documents (membership, GDPR, data protection etc.) of the “Waste2Energy” cluster

  • Digital Platform Created and live

    “Waste to energy” digital platform created and live 


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