KSA-UK Waste to Energy Meeting- 17th and 18th January

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A UK-Saudi Collaboration

The project’s objective is to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s capacity and capability to convert waste to energy whilst promoting UK prosperity.

KSA-UK Waste to Energy Meeting- 17th and 18th January

Colleagues from EBRI – Energy & Bioproducts Research Institute at Aston University: Muhammad Imran, Patricia Thornley, Jude Onwudili, Jiawei Wang, Durga Prasad and Tim Miller travelled to Saudi Arabia this week as part of the UK-KSA Waste to Energy collaborative initiative event between the UK and Saudi Arabia, supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office under the Gulf Strategy Fund (GSF).

The event held at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) was opened by Professor Aamir Farooq,Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) at KAUST, and Professor Chak Chan of KAUST, bringing together academic experts from Aston University, KAUST (S. Mani Sarathy, Himanshu Mishra, Saumitra Saxena, Peiying Hong, Elia Colleoni), KAU (King AbdulAziz University) (Radi Alsulami), King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) (Mohammad Hayal Alotaibi, CChem, CSci, FRSC), with the waste-to-energy sector industrial experts from the UK (Amna Bezanty KEW Technology, Douglas Nangle FuturEnergy Ltd).

Members from Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) (Sultan Saud Alsaif), Estidamah | استدامة (Adil Eltayeb Abdelnour Adam) and National Centre For Waste Management (Fatimah Alhussain) also participated and presented on their vision of waste management strategies for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The two day programme fostered discussions on prevalent conversion technologies in Saudi Arabia and the UK and aimed to uncover opportunities, facilitate professional development, encourage educational collaborations, attract investments, and serve as a platform for companies in the Saudi Waste to Energy sector.

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